Lessons Learned from Kickstarter

As many of you know we launched a Kickstarter in February 2015. The closing date for that project is March 28th.  Kickstarter is an “all or nothing” funding platform. That means that unless a project is fully funded, the funds pledged are not collected from the backers and the creator of the project receives nothing. Monetarily speaking…

However, with very little time left for our Kickstarter and it needing some amazing miracle to fund… I would not call it a failure. In this process we have learned a lot and none of those lessons are negative. Continue reading Lessons Learned from Kickstarter

Spring is Coming! What happened to me?

I LOVE Spring. Despite my allergies going crazy for the first month or so I love it! I am ready for the trees to get leaves again and the flowers to come out. I am ready to watch flowers turn into apples and I was thrilled to find a few little toads in the flower bed.

little toads

I have become a recent gardening addict…Seriously… What happened to me? When did I become a country, homesteading woman? My mother thinks I got abducted by some earth loving alien…  I remember hating gardening. Plus I used to be an avid plant killer…. well no more… (well mostly) Continue reading Spring is Coming! What happened to me?

Rabbits and From the Farm Blog Hop: Week 1

Hello Everyone!

It has been a crazy week here! Between homeschooling, regular household stuff, Website related stuff, Kickstarter Campaign,  a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting, keeping up with the business, and having several nights of lousy sleep… I am also trying something new. Crazy right? Well, sometimes when you are given an opportunity you just have to jump in with both feet….

I have been invited to join a great group of bloggers to co-host a weekly Blog Hop. Blog Hops are like a weekly Pinterest Board with a culmination of great posts from a variety of authors. I love seeing what people are writing about.  Continue reading Rabbits and From the Farm Blog Hop: Week 1

Laundry, Clothespins and a Giveaway…

As you many of you know we have headed into a new adventure through our Kickstarter Campaign (We have only 25 days to meet our goal!). We have had a slow start but several bloggers are coming alongside us this next couple weeks to help promote our campaign.


Why? Because they have tried out our Clothespins, love them, and want to help us meet our goal.

I have been deeply touched by their willingness to get behind this event and cheer us on. I have to say that even if we don’t make our goal :(  I am blessed by those who have come on board with pledges and support.

Here is one of the bloggers that have reviewed our pins. In fact this morning we did a virtual interview on her FB page.  (If you look through the interview you will also find a discount code for 10% off until March 12th) That was a new and fun experience.

Here is her review and you will also find a giveaway at the end for Kevin’s Quality Clothespins (open until March 8th, 2015)

Homestead hippy


Helping us Reach a Dream…Kickstarter

“Creating a Clothespin you can LOVE”

Side by Side
Side by Side


Come check out our campaign and the GREAT rewards that you can  receive! 

Also See FAQ below

Some have had problems viewing the video so I have created a Youtube link http://youtu.be/gjWGpj-3OBE

Continue reading Helping us Reach a Dream…Kickstarter

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