Our Kickstarter has Officially Launched

“Creating a Clothespin you can LOVE”

Side by Side
Side by Side


Come check out our campaign and the GREAT rewards that you can  receive! 

Some have had problems viewing the video so I have created a Youtube link http://youtu.be/gjWGpj-3OBE

We have been so wonderfully surprised by the success we have seen since our first order in June of 2014. I still remember how excited I was when that first order went out. Since then we have sold over 9,000 clothespins. WOW! I am amazed!

Now we are heading into the next stage of our business. We would love for you to join us or continue with us on this crazy journey.

As of February 20, 2015 we have launched a Kickstarter Campaign. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform based in the US. The company’s stated mission is to help bring creative projects to life.   Funding on Kickstarter is “all-or-nothing” our project must reach its funding goal to receive any money.


Click HERE to see our Kickstarter Campaign Video

We are offering some GREAT rewards for those who make a pledge.

Small Trivet red

Floating Wine Bottle Holder
Floating Wine Bottle Holder

How you can help:

  • Make a pledge: Pledges range from $5 – $200. Each pledger receives a reward Click here to check it out.
  • Encourage others to join us on this adventure by SHARING our Kickstarter page through:  
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Our Kickstarter Address: 


  • Talk to those around you.

Funding this Project would be huge for us and our company. Our funded project would allow us to upgrade our equipment and cut our manufacturing time in half. Our other big goal is to go to the Mother Earth News Fair in Albany, Oregon this next June.  All this would bring us that much closer to our big goal of being retail store ready.

Thank you for your time and thank you for helping us reach this next milestone.

Have a Fabulous Day,

The Frabjus Lady and the Screwy Carpenter

a.k.a. Hilary and Kevin Jones

Laundry, Clothespins and a Giveaway…

As you many of you know we have headed into a new adventure through our Kickstarter Campaign (We have only 25 days to meet our goal!). We have had a slow start but several bloggers are coming alongside us this next couple weeks to help promote our campaign.


Why? Because they have tried out our Clothespins, love them, and want to help us meet our goal.

I have been deeply touched by their willingness to get behind this event and cheer us on. I have to say that even if we don’t make our goal :(  I am blessed by those who have come on board with pledges and support.

Here is one of the bloggers that have reviewed our pins. In fact this morning we did a virtual interview on her FB page.  (If you look through the interview you will also find a discount code for 10% off until March 12th) That was a new and fun experience.

Here is her review and you will also find a giveaway at the end for Kevin’s Quality Clothespins (open until March 8th, 2015)

Homestead hippy


Frozen Birthday Celebration

I have a little one that is obsessed with the movie “Frozen”. I confess I am rather sick of the movie, but she loves it.

I am not one to go nuts with decorating and believe that spending a lot of money on decorations that will be thrown away is ridiculous.  So I went searching for ideas that were fun and easy to create.

After much searching these are the ideas we used.  Continue reading Frozen Birthday Celebration

Teacher Ornaments

I am part of a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group. We have an amazing group of people that watch the kiddos during our meetings. I love this group of people and wanted to do something special for them.

For one of our MOPS crafts we made some glitter filled clear glass ornaments. I made sure I ordered enough to make some ornaments for our MOPPETS workers. (I ordered them from save-on-crafts.com)

This is what we created: Continue reading Teacher Ornaments

Kitchen Tip: Spaghetti

It has been  a long time since I shared a kitchen tip. This is one I use all the time.

As a mother of young children I like to have smaller noodles for spaghetti. It makes it easier for the kids to eat and they easily fit into the pot of boiling water.

I used to just take them out of the box and have a mess of tiny noodles all over the kitchen when I broke them but I found this tip and use it every time I make spaghetti… Continue reading Kitchen Tip: Spaghetti

Shout it From The Mountain Tops!


This is what I want to do right now

A while back we realized our webpage setup was not going to work well with our business/blogging goals so we decided to convert the site. If you have tried accessing anything in the last couple days you have seen that there have been some bumps in the road.

There are a few small things that still need fixed. However, the business side is still on track and all orders are still going out on time. Any order placed before December 18th will be delivered by December 24th.

So to share part of the journey… it has been a crazy ride so far… Continue reading Shout it From The Mountain Tops!

Clothespin Trivet

I have really enjoyed making crafts with our new Clothespin Halves. Not only did I have to make the craft to create the tutorial but now I have two gorgeous trivets to display on my table.

Already I have had several people mention how wonderful they look. No one can resist touching them when I show them that they change shape.

I love their simple beauty and diversity…. Continue reading Clothespin Trivet

My Favorite Soup: Rustic Potato and Kale Soup

It has been rainy here and getting colder. My summer meal planning includes more outdoor cooking but when Fall comes we switch to soups about once a week. They are a yummy, simple meal. I will make cornbread or serve soup with some kind of bread

One of my favorite soups is Rustic Potato and Kale Soup. It is absolutely scrumptious. It is also easy and quick to make. I LOVE this soup. It never gets neglected as a leftover and in fact I double the recipe so I can have lots of leftovers. It’s right up on the top of my list of comfort foods.  Continue reading My Favorite Soup: Rustic Potato and Kale Soup

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